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Point Lookout 11/3 & 11/4 more trout
More reports avilable at Tidal Fish

Francis writes:

Howdy guys,
Hit point Lookout the last three days. I posted one report, here are
the other two.

Day 2- Left the dock at 6:15 once again. Weather was flat calm and
perfect again. We had to go all the way to Point Lookout this time to
get our first fish in the boat, still had a few in the boat by 7.

Headed northeast to where the birds and trout had been yesterday, wise
decesion. Fish all over.
The birds were working on rockfish only this time, but we knew the
trou had to be close by. We kept going form pod to pod of birds
gradually going deeper until we hit the 40 foot mark. Bingo! Thats
where the trout were, and they were everywhere. We found a shelf that
went from 32 to 38 feet in a 5 minute drift and the trout were stacked
on the edge. They were everywhere...and we couldn't help but to catch

We eventually forgot about the birds and drifted over the pods of
trout. They weren't moving nowhere. There were also some large 5 pound
bluefish in the mix that spit up small trout when caught, and some
large high 20's rockfish in the mix. It was a good pod of fish.

Essentially we caught until our arms were sore and aching at about 2.
We had caught at least 50 trout or more and just as many rockfish to
boot and there was not point in staying longer.

On the way back in we found more breakers, and although we had caught
plenty of fish we had to try them again. What do you know, more dink end to a very productive day.

Day 3...Ty would have to sit this one out, and I had someone not very
used to fishing or boating with me. I was looking for breakers close
to the dock to play with for a few hours, but I would not find them.

We caught a few in the currents at Point lookout and again had fish in
the boat before 7, but jigging off the bottom in a tide rip proved to
be challenging to my guest, and we crossed the bay on another flat
calm day.

Headed over to substantial structure but could not find any there that
were readily willing, so again I began the journey north looking for
fish where fish had once been. We traveled the ragged edge maybe three
miles when the horizon was neraly white, and I knew the journey had

To make a story short, the one I was fishing with had only ever caught
three fish in their life, and, well has many many more notches under
their belt as of today. We staedily caught fish for four or five hours
and the birds were still going strong but we done gave up. Our wrists
and arms were sore and, after all, tomorrow is a school day.

What a string of days we had had. Flat calm seas and hundreds of rock
and trout. My fishing addiction has been held over for a few
least until this weekend at the CBBT!!!

See you all later!

More reports avilable at Tidal Fish

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