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Gobberdane July 9th, 2006 06:54 AM

Fishing in South West Saskatchewan and South Eastern Alberta
Hello group, I am new here.

I've loved fishing my entire life, and never felt I spent enough time doing
just that. I've had a few recent changes in life, and I am dead set on
spending more time fishing, as well as travelling a bit to fish.

The majority of the fishing I've done has been at the South Saskatchewan
river between the Alberta border and Leader Saskatchewan. Mostly still
fishing from the shore with minnow baited pickeral rigs, but also some
jigging from boat. I've also fished at the Saskatchewan landing and various
other places in the past.

This time of year the river is unfishable because it is so high and muddy,
so it prompted me to take the drive and try out Duncaran Dam (Reid Lake).
It is a large PFRA resevoir known for 100 fish a day catches.

We got there and were told the fish were not biting at all lately, but we
landed my boat, and because I don't have a motor (looking to buy an
affordable second hand one) I decided to row. Long story short, got to the
East side of the resevoir which looked more promising, broke an oar, wind
came up, and i had a hell of a time making it back to the boat launch.
Please someone sell me an affordable motor!!!

I caught a small Pike and a 2 lb walleye on minnows and a jig (heard leaches
are the way to go, wasn't sure where to buy them between here and there
however) and got a bit of a sun burn. I realize July isn't the best fishing
month, and being right near Ferguson Bay where all the cabins are, and it
being July 1, there were a lot of water skiers coming right past us the
whole time.

So, I guess my question is... Anyone familiar with good fishing spots in
South Sask or Alberta? I know there are quite a few small resevoirs, Lac
Peltier, Harris and the Junction at Maple Creek, Rattlesnake and 40 mile in
Alberta, and also quite a few more that have Walleye, Pike and Perch. Many
have them have restrictive limits, and I've always thought one of the best
parts about fishing was eating my catch.... and Perch and Walleye are my
favorite to eat. I tend to go for quantity of fish caught over the size of
the hog you might have caught if you caught one.


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