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Default Early April in NE Tennessee... Trout? Sulphurs?

George Cleveland wrote:
Making a quick trip to see the mother-in-law the week of April 5th.
Looking at teh Google I see the Clinch River is considered a good
wading stream (between dam releases) and, according to the website,
hosts Sulphur hatches starting in late March. True? Rumor? BS?


where will you be staying? ... DanL knows the tennessee streams as well
as most, and he's fished the clinch i believe. send him a note...he's
usually recaptured his sanity and returned to tenn around april, and
since he's now retired, i suspect he might even show you around. the
south holston and watauga are other streams with good hatches and large
trout, but you'll need to talk to one of the local flyshop guys about
wading access areas.