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Default OT but makes for good streamside chit chat: Fisherman Priest Declines Pew Foundation Award

Now OP, that is not the gentlemanly thing to say. His ass may or may not be
dumb. We have yet to see evidence of that and probably do not wish to.
What you seem to be confusing is his ****-for-brains. That is what probably
got you on the erroneous track that HE IS A DUMB-ASS. You just cannot go
around calling him A DUMB-ASS. You must apologise straight away and
henceforth refer to him as ****-FOR-BRAINS until you can discover for
yourself that HE REALLY IS A DUMB-ASS.
Wayne (always glad to help)
To Fish is Human...To Release Divine!

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**** snipped....

You really are a dumb-ass!