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You mentioned that you like gold spoons the best. I have a few but
hate to throw them because they twist my line so bad (even with a
swivel). Is there a technique that helps keep line twist to a minimum?

I will chime in on this as well. I use the silver spoon rather than the
gold and usually have an outfit with a spoon when fishing the flats. As
for line twist, you have to use a good swivel. What a 'good' swivel is
can be hard to say. I prefer the ball bearing swivel.

The best way to reduce the affect of line twist is to use a bait caster.
Normally I have 4 to 6 outfits and 2 or three are baitcasters. The only
real weakness is the wind. If the position of the fish is upwind it can
be difficult. I still use a spoon on a spinning outfit often as well and
have little problems with line twist.


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