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Richard Cuffley
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i seem to of made an error, it's a coleman lamp, a dual mantle one, i just
thought they were all called tilley lamps, sorry for any's only
about a year old, but there must be a quick way of lighting it!
Many thanks


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Is there an easy way of lighting a tilley lantern on the beach without
those really long matches
that blow out all the time before you've lit it?
Or am i missing something obvious?


My old Tilleys had a couple of half-moon shaped asbestos things in a
clip like a wire clothes peg that fitted around the stem below the
mantles, you soak them in meths and clip them on just under the glass
around the stem and lit them, pump up the lamp and when the mantle was
hot open the valve, worked fine for me and if your lighters are missing
you can probably find new ones or make them,

Terry L.