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Opus--Mark H. Bowen wrote:

I take it that she is a Golden?

No matter, she is absolutely gorgeous.

I know that she will make the two of you very happy indeed.


thanks mark...yup, another golden. we like the breed's typical traits.
we thought we might get a lab, but life with a golden was too good for
us, so here we go again. we know it'll be different than it was, but
it's good to have dog-induced grins in the house again. in just two
days, though much younger than sadie's 12 weeks when she found us, gia
has already shown some looks and behaviors we remember from sadie's
puppyhood. i'm doing the night-time pee and poop duty, so gia and i are
spending a lot of time together. she's doing a good job of training me
so far...g