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jeff miller wrote:
sadie's step-sister, gia maria, arrived home yesterday. it's been a
long time since we have had puppy duty...we'll never fill all of the
emptiness we've known since the loss of sadie, but in just 24 hours of
life with gia, we have experienced many of the emotions that made us
so happy in the past when sadie was training us to be better humans.
gia's a pooping, peeing, chewing ball of fur...7+ weeks old, she's a
hoot, and she's used her brown eyes and puppy prance better than a
saturday night college coed. i'm a goner again...

Nice looking dog, Jeff. I'm glad you took the plunge. No doubt Sadie's place
won't be filled, but dog lovers need a dog around to keep them in check, and
this one looks like a keeper.

I just love floppy puppies!