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Default FAQ and charter

================================================== ================

Date Authorized: June 26, 1998

Proponent: Jeff Goddard
Co-Proponent: Peter Dolman

For anglers to discuss any aspect of recreational fishing in
Canada such as:
* rules and regulations
* environmental concerns
* proposed changes to regulations
* techniques and baits
* report on specific bodies of water
* buy, sell or trade equipment
* promote fishing in Canada

Other Newsgroups

There are no other newsgroups dealing with recreational fishing in

Accepted Use

Cross-posting: None. This will result in a carbon copy of US dominated
fishing newsgroups.

Announcements: of on-topic Web sites is acceptable.

File Attachments: These should be posted on a Web page or e-mailed
directly to the interested party. Binary files should be posted to

HTML should be off

Commercial Messages: are allowed in this newsgroup subject to specific
These a
One (on-topic) message from each commercial entity
per two week period with a maximum length of 40 lines.

No repeating of a previous commercial message
within a four week period.

Commercial entities are advised to use great discretion when posting to
this newsgroup.

Commercial Entities Defined
A 'commercial entity' is a person or company that actively engages in
the supply of goods and services to anglers with a reasonable
expectation of profit. This includes, but is not restricted to:
Wholesale, Retail and Manufacturers of Marine goods, Fishing and Hunting
goods, Outdoor Apparel and Equipment, Lodges, Guide Services, Hotel and
Resort Accommodations.

This does NOT include individuals who wish to buy, sell or trade their
personal possessions.

Non-Commercial Posts From Commercial Entities
Informative and discussion messages from commercial entities are
welcome. We appreciate the skills and knowledge of those who make a
living from fishing, and we strongly encourage your input. To avoid any
confusion about whether or not a commercial entity can post, it is the
CONTENT of the message, not the status of the poster that decides the
appropriateness of a message.

All posts should be self moderated and show reasonable self-restraint.
We want to make this newsgroup a welcome place for children, and wish to
portray a positive image of Canada.

Postings in any language are welcome, the poster should however, realize
that any particular choice of language will restrict the number of
people who can (a)benefit from your postings or (b) answer your

Why Create It?
The answer is simple. There is an obvious pent up demand for a Canadian
fishing newsgroup. We have some of the finest fishing in the world.
Existing fishing newsgroups are inadequate at serving the needs of the
anglers of this great country. Additionally, these groups are
constantly requesting information on Canadian waters. This will become
the definitive newsgroup for that information.