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I'm going to Andros in a week -- mostly bonefish, probably barracuda,
but maybe some offshore,too, for Dorado and Tuna. Been tying lots of
flies -- Gotcha/Crazy Charlie hybrids, Simrans, Ververka Mantis
Shrimp, Scampis, Marabou Shrimp, etc. Big and light is the theme.

Willi, Danl, and Jeff are there now, and I'll see them very briefly at
the airport when I arrive in Congo Town. Maybe they'll have some
stories and some hot flies for me.

TR to follow.

Get well, Wolfgang.

have a great trip, rw--tell the boys wayno says howdy.

And Howdy backatcha, Counselor.


Sure hope the guide does not let Jeff drive the boat - last time we
were aground for seven hours !!!! sounds like fun ! __Joe Mc

Jeff and Danl and Willi are on a DIY trip, I believe. They rented a
place in
Congo Town. (Strange name. I wonder about the history. The Bahamas has
a sometimes bitter and racially tinged relationship with their
colonial past.)

I wish them the best luck, but from what I've heard DIY is
problematical at best.

We are having a blast. Have a nice house right on our own private beach.
Easy to catch fish right in the "front yard". We've been fishing mostly in
the South Bight for bones. Guess what!!!!! Willi has caught the most and
biggest fish!!! What a surprise.

Have also done some fishing in other, walk-in locales. a little more
difficult than riding in a boat. We are concentrating more on these areas
this week.

DIY here takes more planning than staying at the lodges (duh!), but you have
your own place and your own car and your own guides and can go wherever you
want to go. And it turns out to be a lot less expensive than the "lodges".
DIY is a no-brainer if you have a little gumption. Not to say that going
the lodge route is a bad idea, but we have met a couple of un-satisfied
lodge fishermen, along with several who have given rave reviews.

RW, you're going to have a great time down here! Travel safe!
When does your flight arrive in Congo Town?

I'm sure Jeff and Willi will chime in later.

Y'all take care,