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Default African Rainbow Streams

As far as I know these streams were last stocked about 40-50 years
ago,probably with fish originating from the UK. These trout have adapted to
their environment over the years and are able to survive the warm summer
temperatures we have here, they are a completely wild and self sustaining
population. All our trout streams in Cape Nature areas work on a "booked
beat" system, are strictly C&R, flyfishing only, with barbless hooks. It is
now illegal to stock rivers in the Western Cape with alien fish and one may
only stock dams with the correct permits.

"Rodney Long" wrote in message
Ignoblis wrote:
A classic free stone stream an hour from Cape Town. The dry fly fishing
getting really good now. Plenty of sight fishing to be had as the water
nice and clear now after the winter rain.

Are these streams "stocked" with American trout ? or does Africa have
their own species ?

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