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Dang, that's why it's so hard.

"Dan Krueger" wrote in message
Not if you're a moron!

Illinois Fisherman wrote:
Next time. It's hard to write badly.

"Jeff Durham" wrote in message

If you would have eliminated proper capitalization and punctuation from
your posting and overall good grammar, you could have been mistaken for
the the moronic "lure builder". :-) I am still laughing as a read this.


"Illinois Fisherman" wrote in message

"Lure builder" wrote in message

I've been a little down on my luck lately. Have'nt had a bite in a
while. The fish ran away with my dog. My girlfriend left me for another
girl. My canoe sprung a leak. Broke my 12th rod this week. I was forced
into the water by a rabid rabbit. My wife left me for the same woman as
my girlfriend. I keep having this re-occurring dream about fishing in
front of a crowd naked. Someone stole the wheels off my house. Wal-Mart
closed the fishing department because of revenue loss. I bought my last
pack of cigarettes and vowed to quit smoking when I was done with it,
only to discover I never started in the first place.

I consulted my fishing library which consists of two (1981) books on
modern fishing, (I tried to return them to Wal-Mart the other day,
unsuccessfully I might add.) I discovered that my diminished mental
fishing abilities were at fault. I perceive that everyone posting to
this board has the same problems as I do from time to time. Sage advice
is what I am sharing with you.